Ad Sales

The advertisements in our programs fund a large percentage of the production costs! Therefore, we require all parents/guardians of Theatre Guild members to help sell these ads as a fundraiser. (If you requested a scholarship or are hosting an Exchange Student, you do not need to make an Ad Deposit.)

Pay an ad deposit of $75 for Wizard of Oz if you did not pay an ad deposit for a previous 2016/2017 show. If you pay via, check, it will not be cashed for 2 weeks so you will have time to sell an ad if you choose to. You can also pay via PayPal below.

  • If you'd like to donate the amount, and not sell an ad, your requirement is fulfilled.
  • If you'd like to get your money back and sell an ad, click here for a How-To Guide. You will need to sell your ad and submit the artwork and payment by January 6th to get your deposit back.
Advertisers will need to fill out an Ad Contract (click it to open). Checks can be made out to "Theatre Guild Booster Club."

You only need to sell one of our smallest ad spaces (Business Card size for $75) to get your deposit fully refunded.

Ad Deposit