We need a Volunteer Coordinator for next year.

Please email if you can help. It's mostly just modifying existing SIgnUp Genius forms, so not too much work!

Parent and Guardian volunteer jobs and food donations are an important part of what makes a show work. Every family is required to sign up for 2 food donations AND 2 jobs per student in the cast or crew. Please read the info and pay attention to the description of each.

"FAME" Jobs Signup:

"FAME" Food Signup:

"StudPros" Jobs Signup: https://www.tocome

"StudPros" Food Signup: https://www.tocome

The rest of this page describes more details about some of the volunteer jobs.  You may want read it through before choosing a job in the signup genius.  If you have questions, contact

Tech Week Meal & Snack Jobs

Snack Monitor:

Usually a 2-3 hr. time slot. 

Dependent on date/time slot you will either:

  • Set up and maintain snack area
  • Maintain and cleanup snack area 
  • On Show days set up, maintain and cleanup.

The work is not continuous and most parents have some down time during the interval.  

Tasks include: Setting up the table and/or putting it away.  Filling a water cooler and 

setting it with cups on the table. Hand sanitizer, napkins/plates. Getting out supplies for 

snack, maintaining adequate supplies and cleaning up. Snack items (Fruits, vegs, 

cheese, desserts) are mostly finger food and will be dropped off prior to Snack. 

Communicate to the Lead person if there are any issues, problems and notify of any 

food inventory concerns; too much, not enough; so that subsequent snack can be 

appropriately planned.

See the snack monitor instructions for more details.

Snack Closer:

Arrive close to the end of the scheduled Snack period on your assigned date. Check in 

with the Snack Monitor, help fold down the snack tables, make sure all the trash is 

bagged up and put out for pick up - this would include a walk through the Little Theater 

and Schreiber. Feel free to remind any student to clean up after themselves, and overall 

assure that most of the mess is cleaned up and bagged.  Help put away any leftovers. In 

addition, take any dirty serving dishes or utensils home and bring (or send with their 

student) back clean dishes to school for the next days use.  Clean up at school would 

probably be 45 minutes to an hour with a little more time at home to do dishes and an 

extra run back to school with the clean stuff.  We are encouraging people to bring 

disposable dishes or serving trays and anticipate minimal dishes.  

Lend a hand to the Snack Cleanup Team if any questions or extra hands needed.

See the snack monitor instructions for more details.

Meal Team:

3 volunteers for each meal

Usually a 2 ½-3hr time slot.

You will be responsible for setting up B104-106 for meal. Setting up tables, covering with 

plastic cover, setting out hand sanitizer and any required utensils depending on your 

meal, coordinate serving of catered meal, cleanup of spaces and any utensil or 

equipment.  See the map for the food drop-off location, and the meal serving instructions.

On Pizza nights, you will also make salad and dressings available.

Lead Meal Team Member:

Will have additional responsibility of meeting the caterer, paying the caterer with a check 

that will be there for you, obtaining receipt.  Coordinating any associated troubleshooting.

Communicating to the Meal Coordinator if there are any glitches, or excessive or too little food. 

We have used all of these caterers at least once before, so they know the routine. 

This work can be steady throughout your assigned time interval; you may not have 

additional down time. See the map for the food drop-off location, and the
meal serving instructions.

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