2018-19 Board Officers
(Please email if you are interested in assisting the Treasurer. Position descriptions below.)

President Steve Galbraith
Vice President Shauna Dyer
Treasurer Ed Walsh
Assistant to Treasurer VACANT; email us if interested!

Recording Secretary Julie Roberts
Corresponding Secretary Rachel Naasko
Members at Large Anne Berens, Molly Crankshaw, Cathy Feilla, Michelle Galbraith, Jennifer Manning, John Reyes, Sue Ann Savas, Eric Schramm, Lisa Ziegler

2018-2019 Committee Chairs
(We need your help filling vacancies! Please email if you are interested. Position descriptions below.)
Ad Sales Coordinators Eric Schramm, Lisa Ziegler
Jobs/Volunteer Coordinator Cathy Feilla
Database Developer John Reyes
Fundraising Coordinator Eric Schramm
Membership Coordinator Lucy Schramm
Apparel Coordinators Teri Schott,
Debbie Rademacher
Gala Event Coordinator Shauna Dyer 
Banquet Coordinator VACANT-please volunteer!
Booster Club Advocate John Reyes
Website Manager Julie Roberts
Alumni Email List Manager
Charles Roth
House Manager
Shauna Dyer
House Assistant Manager VACANT-please volunteer!
Show Concessions Manager Sharon Morioka
Tech Week Meal Coordinators
Anne Berens
Asst. Meal Coordinators Dee Crownover,
Sue Ann Savas
Student Concession Managers Jennifer Manning,
Michele Galbraith
Flower Sales Coordinators Jennifer Manning,
Michele Galbraith
Lucky Stars Coordinator Amy Sundback
Videographer Amnon Steiner
Photographer(s) Margie Morris
Community Member Myrna Hadwick

Position Descriptions
This list of descriptions includes both the elected positions, as well the positions for which we still need volunteers!

The President is familiar with the mission and bylaws of the PTG Booster Club and creates an atmosphere where the board members and officials can carry out their duties efficiently to serve the needs of the PTG.  The president leads, or designates another qualified individual to lead, all official booster club meetings, including board meetings and parent meetings, setting the agenda and carrying it out. The President has the ability to assist the treasurer with carrying out their duties. In addition, the president seeks out the needs or barriers to success of members carrying out their duties, provides support and assistance, and may serve in an advisory capacity to all board members and elected officials.

Vice President:
Assist the President in all of the President's duties -- may be chosen to serve as President the following year. The Vice President may lead certain subcommittees of the board and carry out other leadership activities, as designated by the President.

The Treasurer's role involves a bit of banking, tracking deposits from concessions, donations, dues and ad sales, writing checks for food and reimbursement, reconciling monthly credit card and bank statements, some data entry into Quick Books and running reports for board meetings. It does take a bit of time every month and some extra time just before and after shows. Training is available!

Recording Secretary:
Take detailed notes at each meeting, then type up the meeting minutes for approval by the board. Once the minutes are approved, the recording secretary sends them to the website manager for publication.

Corresponding Secretary:
Create and maintain email lists that allow the Booster Club to communicate with the parents of PTG members.  The Corresponding Secretary is also responsible for the bulk of communication with PTG parents, and works closely with the Membership Coordinator to assure that the Booster Club has accurate email lists.

Ad Sales Coordinator:
PTG produces a program for each show (excluding student productions), which is given out at each performance. Booster Club parents/guardians sell advertising space to local businesses in these programs or place their own personal ad. Prices and sizes of advertisements are determined by the Booster Club Board. The Ad Sales coordinator manages the activities by updating the ad purchase contract, providing sales leads to parents, receiving and logging completed contracts, payments, and tracking overall sales. You interact and coordinate with the student in charge of designing and producing the program.

Typically a majority of Ads are sold in the fall with a few additions for Future Stars, the winter drama and the spring show. Changes to the program are handled by the student in charge of design, but you will need to review the program before it goes to the printers. Some knowledge of publishing software is useful but not necessary.

Jobs / Volunteer Coordinator: 
Setup and management of SignupGenius parent volunteer job and snack food lists. Works with House Manager, Tech Food Coordinators and Ad Coordinator to create the signup lists. Contacts volunteers if changes are needed.

Database Coordinator: 
Description to come.

Fundraising Coordinator(s)
Develop and run new fundraising efforts. Write yearly grant requests to established sources and any new sources that become available. Coordinate fundraising opportunity with the PTSO Thrift Shop. Chair the fundraising committee.

Membership Coordinator:
Manage membership data including contact information, dues payment, ad deposits and volunteer commitments. Updates registration forms. Also follows up with those that need to complete registration forms. Responsible for forms used at the Mandatory Parent Registration Meeting. Most of the required forms are submitted when the student auditions or signs up for a crew and are done online. The Membership Coordinator updates the Registration Checklist for each show. Templates are available, so it’s just a matter of inputting current information. Membership Coordinator makes copies of the Registration Checklist and the other forms for the Parent Meeting. The updated Registration Checklist is also sent to the Webmaster for posting on the website.

Apparel Coordinator 
Supervise the selling of PTG apparel.

Gala Event Coordinator
Develop and host the Gala for the spring show. Work with Fundraising Coordinator in getting sponsors for the event. Chair the event committee.

Banquet Coordinator
Host the year-end PTG banquet for the students. Work with Volunteer Coordinator to create SignUp Genius for food and volunteer spots. Chair the banquet committee.

Booster Club Advocate 
Act as a liaison to the Ann Arbor Public Schools and the Pioneer HS administration.  Duties include, with input from the Booster Club officers, advocating for the interests of PTG and PTG Booster Club through formal communications and representation at AAPS Board of Education and other District-related meetings.

Website Manager
Maintain the Booster Club website: update before/after each show with parent information, volunteer/food sign up links, etc. Also coordinate with PTG website manager to have her update their website when new photos, published articles, etc. come in and need to be uploaded.

Marketing Manager
Send out press release to various news outlets and follow up to secure radio interviews, articles, etc. Add our shows to various online listings and work with Pioneer office to get shows promoted. Coordinate putting up sign at Jack's Hardware. Give links to website manager and student marketing manager to post on our website and on their social media.

Alumni Email List Manager
Work with Database Developer to update the contact list each year to include alumni.

House Manager
Rsponsible for front of house setup / clean up before and after each show, and for training and supervising parent volunteers in the Box Office, Will Call, and Ushers.

Show Concessions Manager
Description to come.

Tech Week Meal Coordinator
Plan and coordinate the ordering, set-up, serving and clean-up of meals for the cast and crew during Tech Week. In addition, oversee the snack table process, including set-up, food donations, serving, and clean-up. Work with the caterers, parent volunteers, assistant meal coordinators and jobs/volunteer coordinator.

Student Concession Manager(s)
Responsible for student concessions inventory. Purchase snacks and drinks during the school year to be sold at student concessions. Typically the beginning of the school year and 3 other times based on levels of inventory. Purchase supplies if needed including Clorox wipes and napkins. In addition, about 4x a year purchase pizza to be sold at PTG student Monday meetings. At the end of the year, purchase freezer pops given to students. Purchases are reimbursed by PTGBC.

Flower Sales Coordinator(s)
Responsible for the flower stand inventory and flowers for PTG shows. Manage, train, or assign tasks to volunteers during shows. Assist in set-up, selling flowers, collecting money, and wrapping flowers for customers. Purchase supplies if needed such as tissue paper and ribbon including flowers for events which will be reimbursed by PTGBC.

Lucky Stars Coordinator
Description to come.

Community Member
As experienced parent of PTG student, provide background knowledge and history of Board's actions, to educate new members.

Charles Roth,
Feb 21, 2017, 12:58 PM
Aug 19, 2018, 8:39 PM
Aug 19, 2018, 8:36 PM