Parent Meeting Checklist / Requirements 


At the start of each production, there’s a Parent Meeting to explain the PTG Show Requirements (Dues, Ad Sales, Parent Food Donations and Volunteer Hours), introduce you to the directing team, the PTG leadership team (sponsors, parent booster club board, student board), and answer any questions you have about PTG and/or the current show.

This checklist will help you make sure you’ve completed all of the necessary steps to get your student enrolled in the show.

  1. Registration Forms - Must be completed ONCE EACH SCHOOL YEAR for a student to participate in cast and/or crew

  2. Dues - Membership dues are paid at the beginning of each show, preferably via Paypal ahead of that show's Parent Meeting (but also payable by check at the Parent Meeting). Scholarships are available upon request. For more information on dues and to make a payment via PayPal, click here to be directed to our Dues page

  3. Ad Sales Deposit - The advertisements in our programs fund a large percentage of the production costs. Therefore, we require all Theatre Guild members/families to help sell these ads as a fundraiser. For more information on ad sales and to make a deposit via PayPal, click here to be directed to our Ad Sales page.

  4. Volunteer Jobs and Food Donations - Parent and Guardian volunteer jobs and food donations are an important part of what makes a show work. Every family is required to sign up for 2 food donations AND 2 jobs per student in the cast or crew. For more information and to sign up, click here to be directed to our Food/Volunteering page.