Be a "Lucky Stars Sponsor"! 

Pioneer Theatre Guild (PTG) strives to put on high-quality, entertaining shows. But more important, it gives students a chance to be part of something special and spectacular. It gives students valuable skills, a place to belong and build friendships, and something to be proud of.

Many PTG members are new to theater. Students choose to participate in this organization because it is a welcoming and diverse community at school, and it is a place where everyone can contribute and be productive. Many students discover and develop their talents in theater performance and production in PTG, and some continue this pursuit at the college and professional level. Regardless of their paths, members always remember what they gained from PTG. 

Diminishing school district funding, and ticket sales, cover only a portion of each show’s expenses. Students and parents are responsible for paying dues to make up the deficit and keep PTG running. Dues also allow PTG to provide tech and dress rehearsal food to members. On a typical dress rehearsal day, students arrive for school at 7:30am, attend classes all day, and are at rehearsals until 9:30pm. These are long days and students need stay nourished and energized.

Pioneer Theatre Guild is committed to remaining accessible to all. We do not turn any students away for financial reasons. Therefore, our “Lucky Stars” fundraising is extremely important. PTG provides partial and full scholarships to many students each year. While booster club fundraising activities continue on multiple levels, scholarship students and the entire PTG organization benefit greatly from individual donations. 

Please consider being a “Lucky Stars Sponsor” by donating to the Theatre Guild Booster Club.

To show our appreciation:

4 tickets to all productions

2 tickets to all productions

2 tickets to 2 productions

2 tickets to 1 production

2 lines on program message page

Giving Levels (or any amount in between):

$ 1000  -- 12 full scholarships/show

$   500  --  6 full scholarships/show

$   250  --  3 full scholarships/show

$   150  --  3 @ 60% scholarships/show

$   100 +

$    50 

$    25

A donation in any amount helps support Pioneer Theatre Guild and all gifts are fully tax-deductible!

To Make A Donation:

Click on the button below to make an electronic payment through PayPal:


Mail a check (payable to “Theatre Guild Booster Club” with “Lucky Stars” written in the memo line) to:

PTG - Mysti Plummer
c/o Pioneer High School
601 W. Stadium Blvd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103

Please include postal and email addresses so we may contact you regarding tax receipts, tickets and program messages.

Thank You!

In gratitude for your sponsorship, all donations will be acknowledged in our show programs unless you request otherwise.

If you have any questions, you can contact our Booster Club Lucky Stars Representative, Rachel Naasko, at